ANNOUNCEMENT: The office is permanently closed.  We wish everyone health and happiness in the future

I want to thank you for the last 11 years of trusting me with your care.  The Center for Pediatric & Adolescent Pain Care is now closed.  It has been my privilege to provide you with care for all these years.


For Patients under the age of 18 we recommend Nationwide Children’s Hospital Chronic Pain Clinic (, 3592 Corporate Dr, Columbus, OH 43231)


For our patients that are 18 years old or older we recommend Integrated Pain Solutions (, Columbus office: 1210 Gemini Place Suite300 Columbus, OH 43240 phone 614-383-6450 and Dublin Office 6397 Emerald Parkway, Suite 100, Dublin OH 43016 phone 614-368-1005).


You will still be able to make contact with me through your ChARM portal.  Patient records will be available for free through a request through ChARM until August 31st, 2022. Your ChARM portal, will be maintained after our closing date, and you will still be able to request records. However, after August 31, 2022 there may be a fee consistent with and as permitted under Ohio law.

Patients do not have to suffer needlessly.

The lives of children, young adults and their families are dramatically affected by the suffering that results from recurring headaches, joint and body pain, injuries, stomach and intestinal disorders, back pain, dysautonomia, neuro-inflammatory conditions and many other medical conditions.

Our practice specializes in comprehensive care of children, young adults and their families suffering from chronic or recurrent pain, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and a variety of other symptoms. CPAPC listens to each patient to understand them as a whole person, so that effective, personalized treatments can be implemented, and functioning can be improved.

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